Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boys and their Toys

Finally, after 2 years, my husband gets to use his "big boy toy".   This was such a painful purchase for us.  It seemed a bit extravagant.  Yes, we live in Canada.  Yes, our Winters get a little "deep" (well, at least up until 2 years ago they did).  And, yes, my husband travels a lot so I had to sometimes rely on the kindness of my neighbours to help get me out of the house.  It seemed like the right thing to do, especially after this storm in 2008 just before Christmas.

Then........ nothing.  Barely a flake in 2 years.  We jinxed it.  Blame us, it's all our fault.  Until today.  We maybe got a foot of snow today, but it is the most glorious foot of snow ever! 


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