Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sorry! We are out of Treats {free printable}

It's inevitable.

Every year I count on a ridiculous number of Trick or Treaters, usually around 200.  I make up individual bags so that I can control the candy distribution {you know, because my husband will give out the quantity of candy based on how much he likes the child's costume (ie. somebody wearing a flannel shirt and carrying a beer bottle with a name tag either saying "Bob" or "Doug" may warrant only a Tootsie Roll while a full blown Nasa Space Shuttle made from cardboard and tinfoil will get a handful of candy)}.

But, it is never enough and there are always the stragglers that ring the doorbell at 9:00 pm (usually the teenagers showing up, yep - you guessed it, as "teenagers") hoping for candy but ending up getting a canned food item from my cupboard because I don't have and treats left.

So, this year I thought I would try to divert the latecomers with this door sign.

Hopefully they will get the message.

*cute green monster clipart by Roseanna Piter



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

October is Just Around the Corner {and a free printable}

Wow - this year is just flying by!  October is just around the corner and it's been *gasp* 7 months since my last blog post.  YIKES!  Well, I am hoping to get back into the swing of things now that my darling baby Sebastian is now in Junior Kindergarten (I guess that means I can't call him a "baby" anymore).

And since Autumn has arrived and Halloween will be here before we know it, I thought I would celebrate with a free printable for a new tradition I hope to entice my neighbours to participate in...

Have you ever been booed?  I haven't and it doesn't seem to be a trend that has hit my neighbourhood yet ~ I guess somebody has to start the fun so it might as well be me!

This is how it works - you make a fun treat and secretly leave it on the door step of  a friend/neighbour with a sign and instructions for participating in the fun.  Easy Peasy!  Really, nobody has any good excuse for not joining in the fun.

Let's BOO!


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