Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brown Paper Package Exchange

Awhile back I received a newsletter from Kim at Everything Etsy regarding a Brown Paper Package Exchange that Max and Ellie was hosting for this holiday season.
I've read blog posts about these exchanges in the past and thought it would be really fun to participate - so I signed up. Today I received my exchange partner's information and I am afraid that it may be more of a challenge than I anticipated. She lives in a different country than I with an entirely different climate (that was probably done on purpose just for interest sake). The good thing is that you were required to have a website or blog in order to sign up so I will be able to sneak around there a little bit to hopefully learn my exchange partner's likes and dislikes (I did say hopefully).
It is definitely too late to get anything in the mail for Halloween and also a little unreasonable for me to think I could make the Thanksgiving deadline, so I am aiming for Christmas.
I am definitely going to take advantage of the 2010 Winter Olympics being held in Canada this year so there will be something in the package celebrating that. Also, Canada is known for its maple syrup so that could be the sweet treat. I do want to make something but not sure what yet. I also need to include a holiday item for the home - I may have to visit some of my talented Canadian Etsy friends to help me with that!
I can't wait to start assembling my gifts and will try to post about my finds as I progress.


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