Sunday, October 4, 2009


So this is a very late post coming, however, I only just found out by accident two nights ago that my one and only submissions to Craftgawker was accepted!
For those who don't know, "Craftgawker is a gallery where anyone can showcase their art, crafting, and photography skills. It's a place for you to discover new artists and handmade goods to inspire your own creations."
From what I understand, Craftgawker is extremely picky about the submissions they accept to be posted in their gallery. Their philosophy is "to select the highest quality images to appear on the site, otherwise no one would gawk at the pictures". Submissions are limited to two items at a time or until the previous ones have been accepted or declined.
So, for someone like me who struggles and pains over their photographs day after day, why would I even consider trying my luck at getting posted on Craftgawker? Simply because I believed the quality of my paper party accessories can withstand whatever hatchet job I do to them with my lack of photography skills. Apparently, someone at Craftgawker saw the potential too and my Blockhead Party Hats are now proudly displayed in the Paper Goods section amongst other fabulous artisans such as oliveandruby, paperacorn, and fallintopink just to name a few.
This brings me back to the beginning of the storey. I had submitted my item, photo, and description waaaay back on September 19th and the item was accepted and displayed in the gallery on September 21st. Since I never thought to change my e-mail notifications to have Craftgawker let me know if my submissions were accepted or declined, I never knew until this past Friday night. I was on Twitter and I saw a tweet from someone sadly posting that her submission to Craftgawker had been declined. It got me thinking about mine and whatever had happened to it? You can imagine how surprised I was to find out it had been sitting there for all to see for a couple of weeks. Duh - that certainly explains the views it had been receiving!
Anyway, I have obviously changed my notification preferences and have two more submissions in queue pending review. Wish me luck!


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  1. Congrats! I think your photography is pretty amazing :)


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